SUNY Broome Cancels Winter Sports Season

By Dominick Matarese|

Baldwin Gym photo focusing on the basketball net.
Baldwin Gym, courtesy of

Earlier tonight an email was sent to all currently registered SUNY Broome students that begins “Taking into account the health and safety of our student-athletes, SUNY Broome has cancelled all indoor winter sports for the 2020-2021 athletic season.” The National Junior College Athletic Association, which SUNY Broome is a part of, called the season off for all of its members. 27 out of 30 SUNY Schools are a member of the NCJAA.

The three sports at SUNY Broome affected by this cancellation are basketball, cheerleading, and volleyball. The NCJAA is allowing “structured and monitored” workouts and training on campus. Broome said in the email “Determinations on winter practices and a spring sports season at SUNY Broome are currently under review, with updates planned for release in January.”

The SUNY Broome E-Sports season should be unaffected.

A joint statement from NJCAA SUNY Community Colleges said that they “will continue planning for what we hope will be the safe resumption of intercollegiate athletics in spring 2021.” Should it occur, this season would include some fall sports which had their seasons moved to spring.

Sports cancelled for the NCJAA winter season which Broome does not have are wrestling and dance, and the NCJAA said that low interaction sports such as bowling and swimming/diving (neither of which Broome has), “may compete in a virtual setting and must adhere to COVID-19 protocols.”

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