SUNY Broome’s Theater Department Virtually Presents, “Yours Truly, Jack Frost”

By Emily Squires |

SUNY Broome’s Professor Katherine Bacon talked with me about her upcoming theater event, a virtual showing of “Yours Truly, Jack Frost.” The approximated 30 minute play is performed by four students; Nina Axton, Alden Gerds, Miranda Hawkins, Sydney Reuscher, and Katherine Bacon in a cameo role. The students are enrolled in Bacon’s Theater Class, THR-217 Special topics, creating and promoting your promotional image. 

“Yours Truly, Jack Frost,” is to be posted to SUNY Broome’s Theater YouTube Page on December 16th. Producer and Director, Bacon says, “You can expect a dazzling sparkling show, aimed for younger children, but enjoyable for all with its holiday spirit and music.” Bacon explained the show has been performed in the past on campus and has always been a great hit for the 3rd and 4th grade audiences. When I asked Professor Bacon where she got the inspiration for the show she said, 

“Well, I had this idea, I knew that the children are going through a terrible time, these are little kids with hardly any life experience, it’s a mess. I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to do a children/holiday show’. Hoping it will bring a little piece of some kind of joy to certain age children. It’s our local students doing the work, a production brought to home.” 

2020’s performance is hopeful to be as successful, the cast has worked hard to overcome certain challenges that a virtual show brings; from working the technology, having good audio and connection, rehearsing around certain schedules, preparing costumes and props on their own, and the new “on screen” acting which is significantly different from being on stage.

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