Weekly COVID-19 Tests Now Mandatory On Campus

By Hannah Natale |

A brand new semester means new COVID-19 testing. This round of COVID-19 testing is different than in past semesters at SUNY Broome. In the past semester, students had to get testing done before Thanksgiving break as well as Winter break. These tests are done every week for students and faculty that are on campus.

Tests are now done at the west gym while in the past semester it was done at the Ice Center. This year the Ice Center was converted into a vaccine site. This test is still a mouth swab, like the previous semesters. Even if you have been vaccinated you will still have to get the testing done. This semester more students are testing. Broome has created an honor system, trusting the students and staff are getting tested.

The SUNY School System hasn’t released any information on the new COVID-19 strains that are being seen in the UK. SUNY also hasn’t released any information about the upcoming semesters in the Summer and Fall.

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