Hornets E-sports Win Blowout Overwatch Game Against ATCC

By Dominick Matarese |

The Hornets E-Sports team continued building their momentum into the regular season in a blowout win against Alexandria Technical and Community College on Thursday. The Hornets cruised to 3-0 victory, sweeping nearly every round. ATCC is the only 2 year college in Minnesota to offer competitive E-sports teams.

In a post game interview, Quentin Riedman said “That was one of our strongest games ever, our calls were so on point, our composition was very solid for the team we were playing. I think everything was just done above average.”

The match was streamed on Twitch, and reached a high of 26 consecutive viewers, and 86 total viewers. The chat was as boisterous and supportive as the Hornets first match of the season, with family and friends again showing up to support the team.

The Hornets are looking forward to hopefully continuing their winning streak on Monday.

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