Board of Trustees Talks; Fall COVID-19 Precautions and Semester Schedule

By Emily Squires |

Last week on Thursday February 18th, the Board of Trustees held a virtual meeting; among one of the discussed topics was what campus may look like this Fall. One of those to speak on the topic was Dr. Kevin Drumm, President of SUNY Broome, who mentioned there is a possibility of more normal operations to begin in the fall. Drumm explained the projected percentages of on campus courses and online courses. With more hybrid classes involved, and classes considered highflex, there is a hope to have classes held 50% online and 50% on campus. 

Penny Haynes, the Vice President for Academic Affairs spoke of new developments of a 7-1-7 program to hopefully be started with brand new students and a new program. Haynes said, “We’ve got several programs that have identified trying this new seven weeks session within the 15 weeks – which is a really powerful tool to aid in retention, allow students to focus on fewer courses at one time and shorten the time to completion – able to complete credits which has been done very successfully across the country. We’re very excited about implementing that with some of our programs.”

A member of academic affairs, Maureen Beck, addressed the College Assembly report; in which the 2021-2024 Academic Calendar was endorsed. Beck said, “the new 7-1-7 model, if any programs wanted to offer, would be 7 weeks on, 1 week off, 7 weeks on.” A high paced format meant to give a new opportunity to students. Beck had also spoken of the implication of more mini breaks rather than an extended spring break to prevent COVID traveling back to their home communities. 

President Dr. Kevin Drumm also talked of Spring Sports for next year, such as socially distanced baseball, softball, and tennis, with more discussion to be had regarding soccer.

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