FSCC Lakers Come Out Ahead Over Hornets E-Sports

By Dominick Matarese |

The Hornets E-sports team took their second loss of their season tonight in a back and forth Overwatch match against Finger Lakes Community College. The team came out ahead early, taking map 1 in a decisive victory. The next three maps went to FLCC, but were all close matches. This loss brings the Hornets record to 2-2.

The Hornets beat FSCC last semester 3-1, but the Hornets said that a master ranked player helped give the Lakers an edge over them this time around. 

Team captain Lynnette Linares said the loss was “a very sour feeling, kind of sad. But I know that people did their best, that’s what counts.” Benjamin Saunders said “The feeling of losing always doesn’t feel well, but we did improve from last game a lot, and people are trying their best…we tried to keep positivity up.”

Going forward Linares said “As a captain I’m gonna practice talking a little bit more strategy and keeping the team a bit more leveled.”

When I asked the team how they keep from getting demoralized, Linares said “I try to review what happened in last match, to try to let people realize ‘there’s certain things that happened, let’s try to prevent that from happening… what I’m gonna try to do more is compliment people more to keep the positive vibes up”

When asked if they felt a certain player deserved MVP, the team said that Linares deserved it, for a solid performance throughout the match.

Editors Note: An earlier version of this article feature an incorrectly spelled version of Team Captain Lynnette Linares’ name.

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