Hornets All But Clinch Playoff Spot With 3-0 Sweep Against Bobcats

By Dominick Matarese |

The Hornets have all but clinched a playoff spot in their second to last game of the regular season after sweeping the Bryant and Stratton College Bobcats in an action packed Overwatch game. The Hornets continue their winning streak and are almost guaranteed a playoff spot. Head Coach Nigel Deakin clarified the team’s position in their group by saying; “If we lose next game, there are technically 3 other schools that can reach the same score as us IF they don’t play against each other and they all win. So like basically the stars would have to align to make it not happen”. This victory brings the Hornets to a winning record of 5-2.

The team said they were “feeling pretty good” after the match, and were more giddy than they had been after any other game of the season. The Hornets had previously beat the Bobcats 3-2 in their first game of the season, but had improved that score to 3-0 this time around. Quentin Riedman recounted that they did not really adjust their playstyle from the last match, saying; “We kind of just went with what we usually do, and it just ended up working.”

The team unanimously and enthusiastically voted for Benjamin Saunders as the honorary MVP of the match, saying that his “Nano Boost’s” as the hero Ana most helped them secure the victory.

The team described their current momentum as “a speedometer at full charge,” and cited their 3-1 victory over 2nd ranked Hocking College, their improvement in score against Bryant and Stratton, and high hopes next week against Alexandria Technical & Community College as reasons they feel optimistic heading into the playoffs should they make it. Addressing the team after the match, head coach Nigel Deakin said; “You guys did a fantastic job tonight and I’m really proud of you guys for just plowing through em’.”

The match was streamed on their twitch channel to 15+ viewers.

The Hornets will face off against Alexandria Technical & Community College in their last match of the regular season next Monday. The Hornets previously beat ATCC 3-0 earlier this season.

Editors note: An earlier version of this article said that the Hornet’s had clinched a playoff spot. Though highly unlikely, it is possible that they will not make the playoffs.

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