SUNY Broome Begins Implementing Gender Neutral Bathrooms

By Emily G. Squires |

Recent changes have been made on campus to implement new gender neutral bathrooms in response to the passing of new New York Law on December 23rd of last year. This landmark civil rights measure works to make “all single stall bathrooms in the state gender neutral in order to protect transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary individuals from discrimination and harassment.” 

SUNY Broome has implemented Gender Neutral Bathroom Policy number GA2010 that states “all SUNY campuses must take immediate steps to update all applicable single–stall ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ bathroom facilities signage to ‘Gender Neutral’.” Director of Facilities, David Ligeikis, is making this happen. Signs across campus, such as in the Old Science building on both floors have already been changed to “All Gender” and are open for use. Total completion of signage change has been undetermined. 

Dean of Students, Shelli Cordisco spoke with Fulcrum reporter Emily Squires on behalf of these changes, saying; “I think it’s good to move forward, bringing [gender neutral bathrooms] in a way that gives people security about the safety of these bathrooms. And there are still single sex bathrooms for people to use, we are simply adding these for the sake of the students who may have not felt included before. I’m feeling good about it.” 

Cordisco discussed how the gender neutral bathroom implications on campus have been in discussion for a couple years. Members of several different student run councils have brought forward the idea, but included no specific parameters about multi stall restrooms. Having SUNY make a policy that already solves several key issues regarding all gender bathrooms, such as person capacity, solidifies its role on campus. When asked if there have been any challenges moving forward with this new policy, Cordsico responded, “Of course not all faculty and staff feel the same way about transgenderism or the GN bathroom signage changes, so if the policy didn’t state single stall restrooms, then more concerns and discussions would arise. My hope is that it is making the campus more of an inclusive one.”

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