Student Assembly Facing Vacancies In 17 Positions For Fall Semester

By Dominick Matarese |

The SUNY Broome Student Assembly will be entering the Fall 2021 semester with vacancies in several positions, and are encouraging students to apply to run. The following positions so far have had no applicants to run; President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Trustee, Secretary, and 11 Senator Positions. When asked why someone should run for Student Assembly, Student Assembly Advisor Danielle Tierno said “Students should run if they want to grow personally and professionally.  Students can also earn a percentage of their tuition (stipend) for their hard work.  This also allows for networking with important people on campus and looks impressive on transcripts and resumes.”  Positions in Student Assembly do offer stipends that cover a percentage of a student’s tuition, up to 75% in the case of the President, and down from there in other positions. Tierno noted that the Student Assembly is the “voice of the student body” and cautioned that “If SA becomes inactive, students lose the ability to have a voice on campus.” She also noted that some Student Assembly members have voting privileges in SUNY Broome’s Shared Governance meetings, which are vital to the decision making on campus policy. Student Assembly President Tatianna Young warned of the consequences of a diminished assembly saying: “If there is ever a case when the Student Assembly becomes inactive… we would lose voting members on important meetings (COI,CAI,CA) and a lot of potential would go to waste.” 

The Student Assembly said that it was not too late to run for a position, and special elections can be held if someone were to decide to run for in the Fall 2021 semester. To run for a position, fill out the Student Assembly Election Packet, and send it to Information on the positions can be found in that same packet. Testimonials from Student Assembly members on what participating in Student Assembly has done for them can be read here.

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