Hornets Esports End Season in NCJAAE Semifinals Loss

By Dominick Matarese |

The SUNY Broome Hornets have ended their Overwatch season, losing 3-0 to the Bryant & Stratton Bobcats Virginia Campus in the NCJAAE Semifinals match. The Hornets put up a valiant effort but the master-ranked Bobcats made quick work of them in all 3 maps. This match marks the end of the spring 2021 season for the team.

After the match, Quentin Riedman said “We knew it was gonna be tough, and we just tried our best.” The Bobcats were a formidable team, with multiple “master” ranked players. Team Captain Lynnette Linares said “These are pretty much the closest to professional players that we have ever played, compared to us they were more quicker on their turnarounds, they were more accurate, and also more coordinated.” Nicholas Gilbert said “I know I personally feel a little bummed out that we got 3-0’ed but it’s sort of what we expected going in. We wanted a win, we wanted some maps, but it is what it is.”

Reflecting on the season Assistant Coach Jeremy Isabella described it as a “Resounding Success,” saying; “we had a 7-2 record, we made the playoffs, we won a playoff match and advanced to the semifinals, we were one match away from appearing in the finals.” Head Coach Nigel Deakin said “It doesn’t feel like Jeremy and I are coaches looking at a bunch of athletes all the time, we are looking at a group of people that we’ve grown close to over the semester and have become friends with, and have gotten to see grow as people, as teammates, and as friends.” The team said that over the course of the season they improved their overwatch skills, their communication, and grew closer as a team.

Michael Willard seemed hopeful for the future, saying; “I look forward to next season, and we’re gonna kick more ass and we’re gonna win finals next year.” 

Patric Harter wanted to convey a message to SUNY Broome students; “If anybody reading the article has any interest in Esports but has been too scared to even try out, just do it. At the very least you’ll have a fun time, even if you don’t make it.” Benjamin Saunders agreed, saing; “Covid makes it hard to meet people and this is a great way to find people to hang out with.” Deakin said; “We’re always looking for more people, we are looking to expand to more games.” Students interested in the Esports program can reach out to Head Coach Nigel Deakin.

The semifinals game was streamed on the NCJAAE twitch stream, where over 120 people watched the game, with many showing their support in the chat for both teams. Commentators from NCJAAE gave play by play commentary of the match. The match was also streamed to the SUNY Broome Esports twitch.

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