Movies for Mental Health Hosted Virtually

By Ariel Hochman |

The Movies for Mental Health (M4MH) event was hosted virtually on Thursday, May 6, by Art with Impact (AWI). Art with Impact is a non-profit organization that uses artwork to raise awareness about mental health. The main host of this event, Cary McQueen, showed 3 short-films and gave the audience a chance to discuss and comprehend the material after each film. Counselor at SUNY Broome, Ann Marie Zumawtzak, reached out to AWI to give students, faculty, and community members the opportunity to participate in M4MH. During the event, everybody was given resources to cope with their emotions from the films. Some of the resources included hotline links, local mental health professionals and 2 SUNY Broome counselors you could privately message throughout the event. “M4MH creates a brave space for folks to have conversations they might not have otherwise. Participants can join anonymously, so they can feel totally safe in asking any questions they might have,” said Cary McQueen. The three films that were shown were Visualizing Lies by Justin Jeffers and Devonnie Black, Masc by Amilicar Javier and Faded by Rebecca Chiafulla. Each film represented different mental health struggles and multiple audience members at the event commented about the relatability. At the end portion of the event there was a Question & Answer where any participant could ask the “Panel” about their experiences or for advice. The panel included 2 SUNY Broome students (Lynnette Linares and Miranda Wilson), counselor Ann Marie Zumawtzak, Students Rights Coordinator Brandon Manning and Behavioral Health Specialist Anastasia Spiratos. Every panel member got a chance to speak and answer any questions asked in the chat. This event was a unique way to reach out to the community and raise awareness about mental wellness. AWI hosts monthly short-film competitions for a chance of winning $1,000 and the possibility of being shown at a M4MH event in the future.

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