Advice for new students

Written by Ariel Hochman ||

Whether you are coming to college right after graduating high school or entering at a different point in life, starting college can be an overwhelming experience to some. The new experiences, new daily schedules and pursuing further education can be awesome while still being nerve wracking if you don’t know what to expect or what to do.

Fellow and former students were interviewed with the probing question “What advice would you give new college students?”. Bernadette Barbarise, a Binghamton University student, replied “Always ask for help: You have to advocate for yourself in academics and support. Often professors and advisors will not come to reach out to you and ask if you need help. The difference between high school and college is learning to gain independence.” She gave another tip about studying outside of class, rather than just relying on in-class note taking. Kaia Fuller, a former SUNY Broome student, recommends taking breaks, to see your friends and have fun! A different student, from here at SUNY Broome, says that study groups with peers can be especially helpful when handling challenging classes, such as foreign language. “Manage your time wisely, stay organized and reach out to professors for help if needed” answered Liza B., A SUNY Broome and Binghamton University Alum.

Some extra tips heard from various sources are to write down all of your due dates from the syllabus in a calendar or agenda, budget accordingly for textbooks, and join on-campus clubs/activities (such as the Fulcrum Newspaper club). You can join clubs online or attend the Student Activities Day on September 9th.

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