SUNY spooky short story contest

Written by | | Ariel Hochman

“SUNY Spooky Short Story Contest,” hosted by the student run newspaper The Fulcrum. The short story should consist of a haunted, scary and/or spooky theme set at the SUNY Broome campus. Writers have full creative control on the direction they want to take with this. The word limit is 800 words; writers are advised not to abundantly exceed this word limit. If any story is inappropriate or ignores the requirements, that story will not be considered for the contest. The deadline for submissions is October 18th, via email. The entries should be sent to Please include your full name in your submission and your major. If there are any questions; contact this email or visit to submit entries or questions. With that said, the Fulcrum President and Vice President encourage those interested to “have fun with this, use your imagination and see it as a break from everyday schoolwork”. The members of the Fulcrum News Club will vote on a winner once all submissions have been read. The winner will be chosen and posted by October 26th. The winner’s short story will be published to the Fulcrum Newspaper website, Whichever email the entry is sent from is the email that will be used to notify the chosen winner.

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