Club-Fair Turnout & Expectations

Written by Emily Squires & Ariel Hochman | |

There is growth to be expected in SUNY Broome clubs and activities this semester, in response to the Student Activities Day hosted last Thursday. Members of different campus clubs had set up booths to increase the student engagement and enrollment with these clubs. The chairer of “Our Campus Life Committee,” previously known as Student Activities, spoke on the importance of that day’s event. “The goal is to holistically bring everyone together — all clubs, counselors, professors, any entities on campus can have one outlet for what is happening on campus. I think we have had a really great turnout so far, it seems that students are really excited to re-engage with each other after Covid.”

When asked about the concerns of the possible clubs that haven’t yet recovered since the closing of schools in 2020, the chairer responded, “if students don’t see a club that resonates with them, to reach out to Campus Life and inquire, because we really want to make sure we meet students demands. And some clubs really did fizzle out during Covid, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be re-energized; through articles in the Buzz, The Fuclrum, or word of mouth. We are seeing a lot more enthusiasm from students this semester and that will hopefully get those clubs active again.” Any students who are interested in attending any meetings or learning more about SUNY Broome’s clubs and activities are encouraged to go onto Swarm to find out more or enroll.

Clubs/Groups that attended the Student Activities Day:

  • Japanese Anime & Culture club
  • KIND Club
  • Ecology Club
  • Business Club
  • Engineering Club
  • Game Club
  • Comm. Club
  • The Fulcrum Newspaper
  • Criminal Justice & Emergency Services
  • Student Assembly
  • Center For Civic Engagement
  • Culinary Club
  • International Students Organization
  • Men of Excellence
  • Phenomenal, Educated and Powerful Squad
  • Campus Bible Fellowship
  • Women’s Discussion Group
  • Brothers & Sisters in Christ
  • American Sign Language Club
  • Family Empowerment
  • Transfer Advisors
  • Music Associations

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