Vote for Student Assembly candidates

Written by Emily Squires | | 

Student Assembly elections open tomorrow on The Swarm, running from the 22nd to the 28th. Eight students are running for office, three of which are running for President. Today the candidates spoke about their running for office.

Seth Roselle, running for VP of Student Affairs, spoke first. Libral arts major Roselle said he “connected to the students early on in the dorms.” Roselle describes himself as competitive and passionate. 

Micheal Woodward, running for the Student Trustee position, spoke next. “I served on the Food and Security committee during Covid, this was very important since we had to shut down. We worked hard to find alternatives for students; with my background in the trucking industry we were able to promote resources like the NYC harvest, all places in NY, places in upstate NY helped out a lot. Last year as Student Trustee was anything but traditional; we worked hard together to keep things running… We were successful in moving things online… I plan on continuing this work if I am reelected for trustee.”

Kaiser Salomon, running for President, spoke on how he is well known with students and easy to speak to. “I’ve shown a lot of people around campus… I’m a leader, which would really assist me on the court.” Salomon is a sports management major. 

Devin Audette, running for Vice President is a computer science/tech major. “I ran because it is something that can get you more involved. It will also help with moving onto another college. I like helping people, so when elected I would listen to the needs of my fellow students and act accordingly… This is a challenging time for everyone, and I want to be as big of an advocate as possible.” Audette also spoke on the high cost of textbooks in an era of technology, where resources can be found cheaper online. Audette would hope to change this if possible. 

Clarissa Mbera, running for President, is a business administration major. Mbera said “my main goal would be to make students feel comfortable …  I think it’s important to be the bridge from the student body to those in the power to make changes…”  Mbera discussed the need for a larger social media presence, and goal to set up activities and events around campus that can in turn be used to increase the media activity. One of Mbera’s ideas was in relation to College Campus YouTube videos, where students are asked questions on camera by fellow students. 

Yelyzaveta Yatsuk, who goes by “El,” is running for senator. Yatsuk is a first year psychology major. Through her major she has understood “just how important community is for individuals and the growth & representation of the community.” Yatsuk believes it is the perfect opportunity for her to impact her fellow students and the school community. “Running for the senator position is a way for me to dip my toe into the organization while still trying to do as much as I can.”

Ethan Roselle & Killian Okech did not speak. Roselle is running for President, Okech is running for VP of administrative affairs.

Candidates begin campaigning this week.

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