BU Covid Rates Pose Risk to Broome Students

Written by Michael Tye | |

Binghamton University recently broke headlines for having the largest amount of positive COVID tests in the entire SUNY system – a number likely influenced by its high campus population of more than 14,000. With its proximity, it’s possible that SUNY Broome’s numbers could rise as well if students don’t exercise caution. Binghamton University’s high number of COVID-19 cases has begun to drop in the last two weeks, however SUNY Broome students should still be made aware of the potential for infection. 

“Our efforts will only work if students do their part,” said BU president Harvey Stenger at the beginning of the semester, “Everyone should avoid large indoor gatherings – especially parties – where attendees are not wearing masks. These are the places where the spread is occurring — not in our classrooms.” It is common for people that feel restrained to let loose when they’re unobserved, and parties are no exception. It may even feel natural as a human behavior, but it’s important to make sure everyone stays safe, especially the SUNY Broome students attending these parties – who could bring the virus back to campus.

Although it has many reported cases, Binghamton University’s rate of infection is actually relatively low: 1.66%. This number is almost half that of SUNY Cortland’s, a much smaller campus with an infection rate of 3.53%.

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