Slaughterland the Screampark offers student discount this weekend

Written by Lisa-Marie Fiedler | |

Slaughterland the Screampark is offering a student discount at 666 Barrier Rd in Binghamton this weekend only. In addition to the student discount this weekend, Slaughterland has also added Sunday night to their typical Friday & Saturday night runs (for this weekend only). Bring your student I.D to the box office, which opens at 6:30p.m, to receive $5 off your admission. $5 off coupons are available to the park which can be combined with your student discount, totaling $10 off if you have both. The attractions open at dusk and close at 11 pm.

Slaughterland had its grand opening in 2019 with a big vision: “to scare the crap out of all people who are going to Slaughterland.” This year, after being closed for a season due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Slaughterland has reopened with new events and attractions.

If you are brave enough to go through Slaughterland you can experience four different attractions: Dark Magic, Frightmares, Wendigo Woods, and Fallen Fairgrounds. “The actors in Slaughterland know exactly what they need to do to scare you and yes, they got me more than one time,” says Lisa-Marie, a Suny Broome student and employee at Slaughterland. After going through the four attractions, “you can also relax with your friends and family at the midway. There is a big bonfire in the middle, tables with chairs to chill and also food and drinks.” For more information you can visit the Slaughterland website.

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