Reapers Revenge review, itinerary, and suggestions

Written by Lisa-Marie Fiedler| |

It’s spooky season and almost Halloween. What kind of a trip could be better than a haunted attraction? Right! Nothing. That’s the reason why you should visit Reapers Revenge in Scranton. Go get there and test your fate. Are you lucky enough to get out? Some of us were not.

Reapers Revenge is a big haunted house and it´s only one hour away from Binghamton. They have five different attractions: Haunted Hayride, Lost Carnival, Delirium, Pitch Black and Sector 13. Lines are known to be long, up to two hour waits to begin in the hayride. Many say spending the extra money of the VIP ticket  to skip the general admission line is worth it.

In Haunted Hayride you ride in the back of a tractor with a large group and drive as a passenger along the dark and scary way through the woods. Make sure to check your back. Reaper’s Revenge was my second haunted attraction; the tractor-ride was one of my favorites.Attractions along the high ride include popular horror movies, pop culture references, with plenty of amazing displays. You will definitely enjoy this part and all the actors in this attraction did a really good job. Until the last second, they were in their role and even if there were people who were not afraid. Little hint: one of you will get a target. 

Lost Carnival is perfect for people who are afraid of clowns. This part reminds me a little bit of the American Horror Story season Freak Show. All the following parts, including Lost Carnival, are walk through. Delirium features funky wall art. You get to wear spectacles that make the walls distort. It is very colorful and loud. It’s completely different from Lost Carnival. All attractions are very different and I liked that. As a result, everyone will be scared of something. 

Pitch Black is completely dark and you should get yourself ready to be lost in the dark. Like the Science-Fiction-Thriller movie Pitch Black starring Vin Diesel, everything is dark leaving you to your other senses. Warning signs for those with heart problems, pregnancy, anxiety and so on are posted before the exhibit. 

The last attraction is Sector 13  which  fans of The Walking Dead will love. Sector 13 you get to experience an apocalyptic-quarentine frightshow. Every person who loves movies and series with that kind of topic will like Sector 13. 

If you survive all the attractions you will come to a place with a bonfire, food trucks, merch and games. You can hang there out with your friends and family. With whoever you went there and still is alive after your journey.

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