Local author to read at poetry and open mic night

Written by Emily Squires | |

 Local author and Suny Broome alumni Kevin Lucia, will be reading from his recently published novella, Mystery Road, at Friday’s Poetry & Open Mic Night. The event is hosted in the Zuccolo Little Theater starting at four. The first half of the evening features readings of original poetic works by English Department faculty members along with The Bundy Museum’s Poet in Residence, J Barrett Wolf. Lucia will conclude the first half of the evening with his excerpt reading. The second half of the event will feature volunteer students participating in the open mic night. Performance slots can be reserved by contacting Carol Silverberg, the Theater Department Manager, at silverbergce@sunybroome.edu

Lucia says his novel Mystery Road was released amidst the pandemic in May 2020, a hard time to get attention for a book release… 

“I normally write horror, but Mystery Road is really more like a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode, very light speculative fiction, really a coming of age story. The story follows a sixteen year old boy caught up with usual teen boy activities. Yet, while riding on his bike to play basketball with a friend, he notices a road converging off his typical route, one he doesn’t recognize. What he finds down that road, opens the idea that the world is so much bigger and stranger than what he thought it was. It will be a good selection to read from for this event on Friday.” 

The character followed in Mystery Road is the same character Lucia wrote about in his other book A night at Old Webb. At Friday’s event Lucia will be happy to answer any questions or give advice to any students who have a passion in writing. Lucia quoted Steven King, “if you don’t have time to read you don’t have time or the tools to write,” enforcing Lucia’s advice that it’s important to set time aside to read and write from a young age. 

Lucia graduated from the libral arts program in 95’. He described visiting the library as a student to work on his writing. He took all the English and creative writing classes, helping him get the constructive criticism he believed he needed for future success. Copies of Mystery Road will be available Friday to anyone interested in purchasing their own copy.

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