Water spills from ceiling in occupied student suite

Written by Emily Squires | |

Water spilled from the ceilings of suite 216, damaging walls, ceilings, light fixtures and student property around nine this morning at Student Village. The four occupants of room 216 have been relocated with to room 116 within the designated quarantine zone of student village.

Brandon Cardoza, one of the students living in suite 216, woke up this morning to his roommate Isaak Morse, yelling “Yo Doza! It’s flooded out here!” Cardoza walked out of his bedroom into the shared living space to see water leaking from the ceiling and pooling over the floor. Maintenance staff was there to assess the situation.

Cardoza says multiple expensive items such as his Virtual Reality Headset and television were covered with water but luckily not damaged. Cardoza’s shoes however were soaked, he wore sandals today as it snowed. Morse however faced the worst of it, his printer and xbox controller were badly damaged. “My room is basically flooded,” Morse said, as he described water leaking from the ceilings and light fixtures. The students wonder if they will be reimbursed for the damaged items by SUNY Broome. The SUNY Broome Residential handbook does recommend under ‘Housing License Highlights’ to “get Renters Insurance, better safe than sorry.” The exact cause of the water leakage is unknown, but it is alleged that water was left running from the room directly above. We are waiting to see who and if anyone will be held responsible for the damages as the situation develops further.

Water leaking from ceiling pooling inside the paint on the walls
Leaking water from light fixture
Approximated inch of water on the floor in kitchen area
Water on floors seating into alternative bedrooms

Second view of water in kitchen area

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