Low enrollment estimated for Spring 2022

Written by Tyler Rizzo | |

Have you registered for Spring 2022 yet? The end of fall classes is right around the corner with less than a month left for most students here at Broome. Both the Registrar office and Penny Haynes, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, have information about what to expect.

There were around 1,800 students registered for the spring semester as of November 23. While that does sound like a lot of students, it is less than there is in the current fall semester.  But Haynes says that the drop off is normal and expected. The major/program that has been seeing the most growth is the Nursing program. Haynes says that the pandemic may have made people more conscious about healthcare which could’ve caused the spike in enrollment in this field. On the other hand, Liberal Arts has taken a dip in enrollment which was said to also be typical when enrollment rates go down due to it being a transfer program with fewer people committing to it.

Although registration for classes goes on until mid-January, the Registrar office strongly urges students to enroll before the fall semester ends so that they can get it sorted before break.

Student Services building where you can talk to your academic adviser about setting up your Spring Schedule.

Photo by: Tyler Rizzo

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