Suspect arrested for breaking into student village dorms

Written by Emily Squires | |

A man broke into the student village dorms last Friday around 2 am. According to student witnesses and video footage The Fulcrum has attained, the suspect had snuck in through a window on the ground floor, cutting through the screen panel. The man had then proceeded to take a shower in one of the bathrooms in a girls suite.

SUNY Broome Public Safety Crime Record was updated five days after the incident with an 83rd entry; stating a “Criminal Trespass” occurred on 12/10/21 at 1:40 am, the disposition labeled as an “arrest”. Director of Campus Safety and Security, Nicholas Brey, said “the suspect was arrested by our own Public Safety Officers and processed through the Broome County Police Department. We’re not going to give out any information without a FOIL request.”  Brey said he had to be “guarded” in his description of the situation. A FOIL request for the reported documents on the arrest has been submitted. A FOIL request is an informal request of documentation under public record. 

One of the witnesses who lived in the dorms posted videos of the break in scene on TikTok, stating “When A Random 40 Year Old Man Breaks In Your College Suite Through the Window… I guess it’s Welcome to Binghamton.” The video shows a screen window cut open and a man wrapped in a towel waist down being questioned by campus security. 

The same student said campus security “took a while to come. They took a while to arrest him too… they were just slow.” However Nicholas Brey said, “From the time we were notified we were there in approximately a minute. We were in the building and we responded immediately.” 

Two days later the same student posted a follow-up video describing that she went into her suite and saw water all over the floor and clothes hanging around. The bathroom door had been partly open, to which she found a man showering. The suspect claimed to be a friend of the roommates. After telling the man that he was in the wrong shower, the girl knocked on her roommate’s door to wake her up. At this point the suspect had used the students razor, rags, soaps, and towels. “Everything everywhere was disgusting,” the girl described. It is claimed by the witness that no one knew the intruder. The initial TikTok has over 750 thousand views at point of this articles publication.

Two days after the incident occurred, a regularly scheduled resident hall meeting took place. To students’ surprise, there was no mention of the break in by the Residential Assistants. In the past week no public statement has been made. Nicholas Brey commented that Public Safety is not in charge of making statements.

Victims and students are wondering why SUNY Broome has made no statement about the incident. This is a developing story, stick by the Fulcrum for more information.

Below are links to the TikTok videos:

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