New Director of Student Activities gives insight from recent COLAA Expo

Written by Ariel Hochman ||

15 clubs and organizations participated in the COLAA (Clubs, Organizations, Leadership, Activities & Athletics) Expo to recruit club members and raise awareness for their organizations on February 10 from 11-1. 

The organizations that were tabled in the lobby included the Brothers and Sisters in Christ, P.E.P. squad, Criminal Justice & Emergency Services student association, Campus Life/Student Assembly, Family Empowerment, and the Athletics table. The ones set up in the Food Court were the Photography club, scholarship opportunities Table, Academic Coaching Table, Business club, Civic Engagement Club, Ecology club, Buzz Tones club, Bible fellowship, and the International Student Association. 

The COLAA event had been advertised through flyers and media, stating it would be held in the Student Center Lobby. On SUNY Broome’s official instagram page, there continued to be advertising posts during the event. Some organizations, including the Student Assembly, were posting on their own social media about the event.

Dr. Nick Wagner, the new Director of Student Activities gave credit to staff member Rae Palmer-Jones who helped put together the COLAA Expo, especially since Wagner’s first day was less than a month ago, on January 31st. In terms of the preparing for the event, he said “the actual preparation was a little before my arrival but what we were doing was reaching out to the clubs and organizations asking who would like a table and trying to accommodate where we could put them in the student center… we had a few at the start; towards the end we got a lot more, so kind of last-minute we needed more tables than we originally requested.” The amount of clubs that decided to attend after the original count were the reason so many were placed in the Food Court. Wagner spoke on how although the COLAA Expo was only a few hours on 1 particular day, clubs should not stop making efforts to recruit members. The Swarm is an effective way for students to find clubs and reach out to organizations throughout the semester. 

The Swarm can be found on MyCollege, under the Launchpad tab. 

Dr. Nick Wagner can be reached at or in the Science Building, room 107A.

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