Movie rendition of novel Thirty-Three Cecils will be filmed in Binghamton

Written by Madelyn Clements ||

Award winning novel, Thirty-Three Cecils, will be made into a movie starring Dustin Hoffman. Author Everett De Morier and producer Kelly Fancher visited Suny Broome on March 16th to discuss the making of the movie, as well as answer writing and film-making questions from members of the audience. 

Both De Morier and Fancher emphasized the importance of trust between the writer and production team when making a movie inspired by a novel. De Morier was the one who wrote the screenplay for the film, which is very uncommon. Fancher mentioned that there was someone trying to drastically change the plot, and because of this, they were let go. 

In addition, Fancher stated that the producers enthusiastically agree that the movie should be shot here in Binghamton, since that is mainly where the book takes place. Thirty-Three Cecils features several Binghamton locations including the 1 Mather Street apartment building and the Belmar Pub. When asked about filming locations, Fancher stated that part of the movie will be filmed at the Greater Binghamton Airport, for a large space. She also explained the process of finding satisfactory filming locations – abandoned lots and campuses are just a couple examples of places often used for making a movie. They intend to film this summer. 

Thirty-Three Cecils is a fictional book set in 1992 – after an award-winning filmmaker, and a recovering alcoholic form an unlikely friendship, they decide to travel the country together, making headlines when ruthlessly murdered. However, they left behind their personal journals that show the world what really happened between them.

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