SUNY Broome hires a new Dean of Students

Written by Tyler Rizzo ||

Marquis Bennett was recently hired as the Dean of Students for SUNY Broome. He has goals to make the campus, the students and the community more intertwined. 

Bennett is originally from Campton, New Jersey and has moved around a bit since. He has worked at other schools in roles such as the Director of The EOP program and Associate Director of Student Services and Engagement.

He said “It was really an opportunity to get back to my roots with Student Affairs.” In terms of goals for the future of SUNY Broome he stated “Well, you know, SUNY Broome is a community college and so for me it’s really about understanding how Broome connects to the community and what I can do to assist and enhance with that.” He also explained that he wanted to see what he could do to build connections with SUNY Broome and the community to make a brand that the students can be proud of.

While Bennett does not officially start his job until May, he said that he has been going around campus and the Broome community and learning what he can about everything in preparation for when he officially starts.

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