Join The Fulcrum!

Written by Damien Lewis ||

With the first few months of classes now out of the way, just looking around campus is enough to begin noticing that things are constantly changing. Our little college is constantly moving, shifting, and morphing, which means we need students to be aware of changes before they happen. For that we need strong writers and independent thinkers to report on these changes, and where better to find these reporters than here at Broome? 

As you likely know, between campus activities, clubs, sports and otherwise, our campus can be a lot for just a few reporters to write about. This is the exact reason why we need people like you to be by our side, reporting with us! The Fulcrum offers an amazing opportunity for writers, gossipers, investigators and aspiring journalists alike to create a forum to speak and report the truth of the issues that matter most to us as students and staff of Broome. Not only is the program itself well-staffed and managed, but as peers, we have the ability to assist each other in bringing high-quality reporting to our fellow students. 

We’d always appreciate an extra set of hands and brains to help us get the truth out to our fellow student body. We hope to see you every Tuesday at 11:00!

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