From Old Science Building to New Student Union Center

By: Tyler Rizzo

Have you ever wondered about a place on campus to gather with your friends and study together? A place away from the noisiness of the café and the extreme quietness of the library? If so, then you will be excited about the upcoming renovation that will be coming to the old Science Building. 

Vice president of Student Development and Chief Diversity Officer of Suny Broome, Dr. Carol Ross-Scott, spoke about the plans and reasoning regarding the change of the old Science Building.

 “I think one of the most important things is that there is a place for the students to be able to congregate and we really don’t have that kind of space here.” She said,

She further mentions that instead of making an entire new building for students to have such a place for that, the old Science Building will be remade and repurposed to give students a place to be. Ross-Scott also gave the idea of what will be the layout for the future Student Union Building. 

“What we decided to do was put all of the Student Activities upstairs where you guys can be a little more noisy. Student Government Association, students clubs, and organizations will have a room. Student Activities will have their own space and a couple of lounge spaces in there.” She said.

There will also be an area for single parents to be able to study with their kids with them. As well as a prayer and multicultural room upstairs that can be used as a meeting room and offices for Student Leaders. As for downstairs, there is a plan as well. 

“Downstairs we will have the Dean’s office. We are going to create a wellness program where you have, on one side, the health services and counseling services because we think that is important. We will also have a space for the hospitality program and the EOP program will be in there on the ground floor as well.” 

The renovation is said to begin around 18 months to 2 years into the future, but they are expecting to make small changes in the empty rooms in the meantime while they get the building prepared for the overall renovation.

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