The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review

This Review Contains No Spoilers

By: Jessica Stultz

Nintendo and Illuminations’s Super Mario Bros. is out in theaters and avid gamers and Mario fans alike have been raging about it. According to Forbes, The movie is currently the highest grossing movie of the year at $678 million worldwide. It has been 30 years since the 1993 original live-action movie and has done exceedingly well since its premiere on April 5th.  

Opening up to the very first scene you can’t help but notice the amazing animation. Every frame was vibrant along with exceptionally great detail. Also not to mention the promotional posters. The way every last one is eye-catching and displays the tedious work put into them, it’s safe to say the graphic designers outdid themselves. The movie was very aesthetically pleasing to the eye to say the least. 

The voice actors were an interesting choice. Chris Pratt voicing Mario was actually a decent fit despite the controversies surrounding it. Charlie Day voicing Luigi had the same feel as Chris Pratt and Mario but with less debate. Princess Peach, voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy, was nice even though it was slightly expected for the character to have a higher voice. Toad was voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and like Mario and Luigi, the character had the same feel as Princess Peach; a higher pitch voice was a bit expected but wasn’t exactly a dealbreaker. Seth Roagan voiced Donkey Kong and it was certainly a pleasure to pin his distinct voice to the character.  Jack Black also starred in the recent movie and did an amazing job voicing Bowser as if he was born for the role. Black’s range is undeniably impeccable and it definitely showed in Super Mario Bros. And of course we cannot forget Bowser’s powerful advisor, Kamek the Magikoopa. The casting director made a good call getting Kevin Michael Richardson to play the role. Much like Bowser, both the character and actor complemented the other so well. Another job well done. 

The storyline was nice, but could’ve done without the cliche trope and sequence of events. It was more of a hero’s journey than anything else. It’s a children’s movie nonetheless, but it could’ve added more depth despite it being rated PG. The fantastic animation and entertaining brawl scenes were a great distraction from all that though. Besides that, according to Screen Rant, the movie had a whopping 85 easter eggs and references! Do you think you can spot them all? We’ll leave that to the real gamers and die-hard Mario fans! 

Overall Rating: 7.5 

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