New Dark Room Open to All

By: Americus Sivers

A new plan is in motion to turn the casino, located in the basement of the old Science Building, into a darkroom for photography students. Due to the fact that the downstairs elevator has been blocked off, it will be inaccessible to handicap students at the moment. However, Director of Facilities Manager, David Ligeikis, says that accommodations will be made to make the space accessible to all. 

Senior Accessibility Specialist and Coordinator of Accessibility Resources Office, Lisa Hughes stated “We are very excited to see progress being made…  the present location of the Lab has prevented students who use wheelchairs from being able to enroll in a Photography class for far too long … Remediation to the route of access to the Photo Lab is an important step for our campus.” 

Alongside the accommodation, more arrangements will be made. When signing up for classes, equipment would be provided without any cost. Lockers will be added to store them along with any other personal belongings. There will also be a mini gallery with plenty of classroom space. Scanners and colored printers would also be provided and the chemicals used for developing would be environmentally friendly and completely harmless.  

The renovation of the casino opens more doors for those who’re disabled and is a very exciting new adjustment to the campus.

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