SUNY Broome’s Annual Drag Show

By: Americus Sivers

SUNY Broome hosted its sixth annual Drag Show in the Student Center’s Little Theatre this semester. The show was held on April 14th and Mary Seel, Melissa Martin, and our Kings and Queens from Divas After Dark were responsible for making it happen. The doors opened at 7:30 pm and they offered t-shirts, tickets, raffle tickets, food and refreshments for sale. They organized a 50/50 raffle, Lost Dog Cafe Raffle, and a $100 Toms Gift Basket to raise money for the LGBTQ+ Community. Members from Identity, which is an LGBTQ+ Community Youth Center, provided free flags, water bottles, stickers, tattoos, bracelets, and pamphlets with a plethora of information on mental health. The Southern Tier AIDS Program (STAP) was also there with pamphlets on MPox and COVID tests, HIV prevention, safe sex and consent, and also offered keychains, squishies, t-shirts, pens, condoms, and little pouches for the condoms. Over $1200 was raised to support the LGBTQ+ Community and also 4 bags of food were collected for the campus food pantry in the process. Thank you again to all Divas After Dark performers, Justin Saine, Peaches E Claire, Dusty Boxx, DeDe Kupps, India Bombay, Katrina, and our student performers Saint Neo, Purple Star, Little Bunny, and Misty Swan.

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