Another Thing to do at SUNY Broome!

By: Jessica Stultz

SUNY Broome hosted a Mechanical Bull event in the Student Center Cafeteria at 10am on April 20th. Cowboy hats were handed out and students were getting times as short as 3 seconds and as long as 53 seconds! 

But why the bull you may ask? Student Activities Assistant, Rae Palmer-Jones, says the bull has been a hit amongst the students for the last 3 semesters. She further mentions that there were other mechanical options like the pumpkin or the chicken wing but unfortunately the latter is only available during the summer semester when the student body isn’t at an all time high. But Jones says that the pumpkin will be making an appearance in the fall semester so stay tuned for its arrival. 

Attending events like these are good to blow off some steam. Finals are here and the pressure of them is heavy. This is why your school organizes such affairs. When not sitting in class or scrambling to complete school work, you can pass the time on campus with something like the Mechanical Bull.

Don’t worry about missing the bull this time around, this same event is hosted every semester along with many others. Have fun before the end of classes and don’t miss out on any more events.

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