2022 Midterm Election Candidates

Written by Madelyn Clements || With the midterm election approaching rapidly, it’s important to be mindful of who’s running for office and where these candidates stand on the issues that affect us. Listed below are various midterm candidates and their views on crucial current events and topics. Broome County sheriff: Fred Akshar Kate Newcomb BroomeContinue reading “2022 Midterm Election Candidates”

SUNY Broome Faculty Votes in Favor of Updated Contract

Written by Damien Lewis || The faculty at SUNY Broome have reached an agreement with the school to ratify the teacher’s contract, after more than a year of intense negotiations. This contract ensures benefits, such as a three percent pay raise and class size caps. Over the course of the past year, there were strong disagreementsContinue reading “SUNY Broome Faculty Votes in Favor of Updated Contract”