Suspect arrested for breaking into student village dorms

Written by Emily Squires | | A man broke into the student village dorms last Friday around 2 am. According to student witnesses and video footage The Fulcrum has attained, the suspect had snuck in through a window on the ground floor, cutting through the screen panel. The man had then proceeded to take aContinue reading “Suspect arrested for breaking into student village dorms”

Allegations about owners of downtown bars causes closure and police investigation

Written by Ariel Hochman The downtown Binghamton restaurant/bar, The Colonial, closed due to claims of illegal activity on December 9. They made an announcement that they are reopening normally on December 10. The owner also owns Dos Rios Cantina and The Stone Fox.  The claims being made involve non-consensual drug-use and sexual assault. It isContinue reading “Allegations about owners of downtown bars causes closure and police investigation”

Pilot of a racial injustice deliberation sparks dialogue amongst students

Written by Ariel Hochman and Emily Squires | | Forty students openly discussed solutions to racism on a systematic, institutional, and individual level at SUNY Broome’s Racial Injustice Deliberation last evening. The deliberation was written and planned by Professor Scott Corley and Dr. Jesse Boring since this summer, basing the deliberation on a framework developedContinue reading “Pilot of a racial injustice deliberation sparks dialogue amongst students”

Low enrollment estimated for Spring 2022

Written by Tyler Rizzo | | Have you registered for Spring 2022 yet? The end of fall classes is right around the corner with less than a month left for most students here at Broome. Both the Registrar office and Penny Haynes, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, have information about what to expect. ThereContinue reading “Low enrollment estimated for Spring 2022”

Water spills from ceiling in occupied student suite

Written by Emily Squires | | Water spilled from the ceilings of suite 216, damaging walls, ceilings, light fixtures and student property around nine this morning at Student Village. The four occupants of room 216 have been relocated with to room 116 within the designated quarantine zone of student village. Brandon Cardoza, one of theContinue reading “Water spills from ceiling in occupied student suite”

Exchange program for American and German students

Written by Lisa-Marie Fiedler The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals is a double-sided exchange program from the U.S. Department of State and the German Bundestag. Each year 75 Americans are selected from all over the United State to receive the opportunity to live in Germany for one year. At the same time 75 participantsContinue reading “Exchange program for American and German students”

Local author to read at poetry and open mic night

Written by Emily Squires | |  Local author and Suny Broome alumni Kevin Lucia, will be reading from his recently published novella, Mystery Road, at Friday’s Poetry & Open Mic Night. The event is hosted in the Zuccolo Little Theater starting at four. The first half of the evening features readings of original poetic worksContinue reading “Local author to read at poetry and open mic night”

Transfer Fair

Written by Tyler Rizzo & Ariel Hochmen | | Fourteen different colleges were represented at the Transfer Fair yesterday in the Calice Building atrium. Students met with representatives from Binghamton University, SUNY Cortland, SUNY Oneonta, SUNY Delhi, SUNY Oswego, SUNY Morrisville, Alfred State University, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Brockport, University at Albany, Clarkson,Continue reading “Transfer Fair”

National Diabetes Month

Written by Ariel Hochmen | | November is National Diabetes Month. Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects people of all ages. There are 2 major types of diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2), as well as Gestational Diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy. Anybody can develop diabetes, including YOU. Diabetes, however manageable, isContinue reading “National Diabetes Month”

Volleyball team to compete at Nationals

Written by Emily Squires | | The women’s volleyball team has an undefeated season and is on their way to Championships. Sunday the Hornets won their Region Three Championship B match against Erie CC, advancing the team to the 2021 NJCAA Division Three Volleyball Championship in Rochester, Minnesota. They will be flown out to competeContinue reading “Volleyball team to compete at Nationals”