“Smoke Weed in Front of the Binghamton Police Station” Event Hosted by Activists

By Dominick Matarese | In celebration of the recent legalization of marijuana in New York, an event titled “Smoke Weed in Front of the Binghamton Police Station” was hosted tonight on the sidewalks next to the County Office Building on Hawley street by Binghamton activists, with an estimated 200 people showing up in support. TheContinue reading ““Smoke Weed in Front of the Binghamton Police Station” Event Hosted by Activists”

Hornets Esports Advance to Semifinals After Beating Undefeated Mystics

By Dominick Matarese | The Hornet’s Esports Overwatch team is on their way to playoff semi-finals after beating the spring 2020 NCJAAE champions, the Bismarck State College Mystics, ending their 11-0 undefeated season. In 3-0 sweep with two draws, the hornets successfully carried their momentum going into playoffs to win close map after close map.Continue reading “Hornets Esports Advance to Semifinals After Beating Undefeated Mystics”

SUNY Broome Begins Implementing Gender Neutral Bathrooms

By Emily G. Squires | Recent changes have been made on campus to implement new gender neutral bathrooms in response to the passing of new New York Law on December 23rd of last year. This landmark civil rights measure works to make “all single stall bathrooms in the state gender neutral in order to protectContinue reading “SUNY Broome Begins Implementing Gender Neutral Bathrooms”

New York Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

By Ariel Hochman | New York is the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. What does that mean for you? Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that legalizes recreational marijuana use for anyone 21 years and older on Wednesday March 31. This makes New York the 15th state to have legalized the drugContinue reading “New York Legalizes Recreational Marijuana”

A Look Into SUNY Broome’s Counseling Services

By Ariel Hochman | In a recent interview, counselors at SUNY Broome say it might be easier than ever to start counseling. “Surveys show a major increase in the number of U.S. adults who report symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression during the pandemic, compared with surveys before the pandemic” says Mayo Clinic Staff onContinue reading “A Look Into SUNY Broome’s Counseling Services”

BREAKING – SUNY Broome pulls J&J vaccines

By Hannah Natale – Fulcrum Reporter New York State has put all of the Johnson and Johnson vaccines on pause as of today. Students at SUNY Broome were given the opportunity to receive the vaccine but a school-wide email has been sent out telling students and staff that the vaccine will be put on hold.Continue reading “BREAKING – SUNY Broome pulls J&J vaccines”

Hornets Continue Winning Streak In Final Match of Regular Season Against ATCC

By Dominick Matarese | The Hornets Overwatch team has finished the regular season with a winning record of 6-2, after their victory over Alexandria Technical and Community College tonight. The final score was 3-1 with many close rounds, a noticeable improvement in ATCC’s performance, who the Hornet’s swept 3-0 earlier in the season. This should giveContinue reading “Hornets Continue Winning Streak In Final Match of Regular Season Against ATCC”

Governor Cuomo Announces Spectators Can Attend College Sports Starting April 2nd

By Tim Rogers | Governor Cuomo announced Tuesday afternoon that college sports may bring back spectators starting April 2nd. Large scale sport venues that hold more than 1500 attendees indoors or 2500 attendees outdoors can host spectators at 10% indoor or 25% outdoor capacity. Recent negative tests or immunization are required for attendees. According toContinue reading “Governor Cuomo Announces Spectators Can Attend College Sports Starting April 2nd”

Hornets All But Clinch Playoff Spot With 3-0 Sweep Against Bobcats

By Dominick Matarese | The Hornets have all but clinched a playoff spot in their second to last game of the regular season after sweeping the Bryant and Stratton College Bobcats in an action packed Overwatch game. The Hornets continue their winning streak and are almost guaranteed a playoff spot. Head Coach Nigel Deakin clarifiedContinue reading “Hornets All But Clinch Playoff Spot With 3-0 Sweep Against Bobcats”

Hornet’s E-Sports Win Decisive Victory Over Hawk’s

By Dominick Matarese | The Hornets won a decisive 3-1 Overwatch victory over the Hocking College Hawk’s tonight. The first two maps went fairly easily to the Hornet’s, with a close third map loss to keep the Hawk’s in it, but the Hornet’s were able to take map four for the victory. The team describedContinue reading “Hornet’s E-Sports Win Decisive Victory Over Hawk’s”