TV series ‘Euphoria’ floods media and tackles sensitive subjects

Written by Zayna Shah || Euphoria is a TV show that has become a major pop culture phenomenon, since its initial release in 2019. It is an HBO series that follows a group of high schoolers within their struggles of addiction, abuse, friendship, relationships, sexuality, and family dynamics.  People care so much about this showContinue reading “TV series ‘Euphoria’ floods media and tackles sensitive subjects”

Protests Spark After Tennessee School Bans Novel ‘Maus’

Written by Miriam Frankel || Earlier this month, The McMinn County School Board made the unanimous decision to ban “Maus,” a Pulitzer prize-winning graphic novel, on the horrors of the holocaust. Their choice is allegedly based on the “inappropriate language” and illustration of a nude woman found in the book. This reasoning is nothing butContinue reading “Protests Spark After Tennessee School Bans Novel ‘Maus’”


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