Reapers Revenge review, itinerary, and suggestions

Written by Lisa-Marie Fiedler| | It’s spooky season and almost Halloween. What kind of a trip could be better than a haunted attraction? Right! Nothing. That’s the reason why you should visit Reapers Revenge in Scranton. Go get there and test your fate. Are you lucky enough to get out? Some of us were not.Continue reading “Reapers Revenge review, itinerary, and suggestions”

Slaughterland the Screampark offers student discount this weekend

Written by Lisa-Marie Fiedler | | Slaughterland the Screampark is offering a student discount at 666 Barrier Rd in Binghamton this weekend only. In addition to the student discount this weekend, Slaughterland has also added Sunday night to their typical Friday & Saturday night runs (for this weekend only). Bring your student I.D to theContinue reading “Slaughterland the Screampark offers student discount this weekend”

Playboi Carti Brings A Rockstar Performance on Whole Lotta Red

By Dominick Matarese | It’s polarizing, it’s long awaited, it’s Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red.  Now that the long awaited album is here, the verdict is split. Some have derided it as a garbage fire of an album, and some believe it’s Carti’s best. I fall into the latter camp. Whole Lotta Red is highContinue reading “Playboi Carti Brings A Rockstar Performance on Whole Lotta Red”