Mental Health Tips During Online School

By Hannah Natale |

I won’t be the first person to say this, online school sucks. Covid has completely changed our lives and we can only do so much to try and get rid of it. Mental health has been a topic of many schools, worried about how we are doing, making sure we are okay. I know for myself my mental health struggled a lot, and I know yours probably has too. I’m going to help you out, give you some tips that helped me when times got harder. 

1) Talk to people, I know that might sound dumb but trust me it works. If you live with family or friends go! Spend time with them, play board games, watch a movie with your younger siblings! 

2) Make sure you aren’t staying in your room all day. Go for a walk, wearing your mask of course, do a YouTube workout, Facetime your friends, and study for that test you got next week. By getting out of your room you are stepping into a new environment, and that’s healthy for you. 

3) Do some self-care days, take a bath, watch a movie, and use a face mask! 4) Get off your phone! I know, I know Tik Tok is addicting, short clips of funny stuff you want to watch but you need time off of your phone, and social media most of all. 

These are just some tips to help, I hope all of you reading this are doing okay and you are making sure that your mental health is doing okay as well. Number 1 really helped me in the long run. I really hope you try some of these tips!

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